About the company.

Zetha Media is a leading marketing agency bringing together people, who put heart and soul into the work performed by them. Nine years of experience have brought effective ways of creating emotional commitment amongst customers and the company.

Zetha Ltd is a leading Polish company on the British market. It was established in 2003. The share capital of the joint-stock company belongs to two companies: a British and a Polish one. Zetha Ltd has developed strongly over the last years recording the steady increase in sales of its services and the scope of its activities includes creation of newspapers, magazines, websites as well as organization of events of different type now.

The main areas of activity:

- Offline media, including such publications like Polish Express or the Panorama Magazine.  Online media, including such portals like,,,


- Parties and events of different type, including job fairs, seminars and business meetings.

Zetha Ltd. Zetha Ltd. has the reputation of a credible partner for companies, which want to be successful on the British market aiming at Poles living there. The constantly growing portfolio of the company and the network of the satisfied customers were achieved by a unique look at the market and understanding the needs of its customers. The increasing demand for information, advice and entertainment of the Polish community abroad in Great Britain inspired Zetha Ltd. for creation of such and no other services. The company develops all the time keeping the demand for its exceptional services.

What we do ?


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