Lloyds TSB was proud to be the gold sponsor of the 4th Polish Express Job Fair. The response we received, from both a sponsorship and recruitment perspective, was outstanding. We received over 300 CVs on the day and 11 people will have started with us by September 1st. We also exceeded expectations with the number of accounts we opened on the day. The sponsorship was a real team effort between the Polish Express and Lloyds TSB, and we will be sure to continue this relationship for future opportunities and job fairs. The event gave Lloyds TSB a fantastic avenue to speak to the Polish community about how we continue to look for ways to improve the service we offer to all of our customers, particularly the Polish community. The job fair gave us the chance to drive recruitment of Polish speaking staff within our stores and offered us the ideal opportunity to promote our new Silver account following significant demand from the Polish community.

Caroline Brady, Head of Segment, Lloyds TSB

It was a pleasure and a very successful event. Well done to you and your colleagues! (Polish Express Career Day 2009).

London Metopolitan University

It has been a pleasure to work with Polish Express, Panorama and LAIF on our campaign. Great service, support and attention to detail have meant that our Polish target audience were met clearly and efficiently in both London and the wider UK community.9

Cameron Farrelly, PD3 Ltd

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